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Learn More About the Grinolds

James Grinolds & Andrea Grinolds 


Safe Assist Road Service is owned and operated by James and Andrea Grinolds. They found each other in the rural northwest United States through a mutual drive to help people. Way back in 1994 they both joined the Explorer Search and Rescue group and scoured the mountains together helping to find lost hunters and fellow explorers that had lost their way. They were married in 1996 in Moscow Idaho. Shortly after welcoming their first child into the world the entrepreneur bug bit and they started their first company.  First driving, then dispatching OTR trucks across the country.  They sold the company off in 2004 and moved to Denver Colorado.  Both James and Andrea stayed in the transportation business, Andrea dispatching for Navajo Carriers and James for Western Distributors.  There were Job changes and an additional two children added to the family.  In 2010 James found a long-time home at a local repair shop. He was always interested in expanding, franchising, and making a big company out of a good idea.  In January of 2020 James and Andrea Started their own business rapidly expanding to 3 locations in less than 2 years.  They never lost the drive to help, they both still get a thrill from helping stranded OTR truck drivers and watching entry level employees become managers and get a leg up in life. Keep in touch to watch more and more locations open, more and more stranded truck drivers get back on the road, and more and more employees find their long-term homes at Safe Assist Road Service. 

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